Pokedex Entry: Wispyr, the Incitement Pokemon. They often envelop people's heads, and whisper to them, making them lose control of themselves.

Wispyr is a Ghost/Fire type Pokemon. It causes rage and hotheadedness by surrounding the person's head in its fire, and whispering influential things, inciting a rage, hence its name. It is a hollow cone-shape of ghostly darkness, with curls of flame around the front, and bursts of fire along it. It has fire and darkness surrounding it in wisps, forming a face and small features. Its name is a portmanteau of the words wisp and pyre, and a play on the word whisper.


1: Ember

4: Scratch

8: Scary Face

17:Confuse Ray

24: Will'o'Wisp

31: Curse

37: Mean eye

44: Destiny Bond

Evolution Line: Wispyr Lvl. 19---> Inferora