A pokemon my cousin, who is helping me with my games, created. it was originaly called Mutteon, but I thought it sounded (and was spelled) a little to closely to mutton, no matter how I spelled it, so I changed it's name

Wolfioris, The Stray Wolf pokemonEdit

Wolfioris have been known to lurk alleyways, searching for their lost pack. Being a loner pokemon, it has an uncanny ability to change it's appearance upon moving to a new area. It can be extremely vicious, and will attack if it feels threatened

General InfoEdit

Ht: 3'2"

Wt: 50 lbs

Classification: Stray Wolf

Type Dark

Evolutions: Steelcanine,Dragocanine,Infernocanine,freezecanine,chlorocanine,Aquacanine (not to be confused with Aquanine) Zapcanine,Mooncanine (cant remember the rest -_-')

Ability: Run away

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