This is a fan-made fakemon legendary. It is not actually approved to be a legendary in Project Hiatu.

Xahlaha is an Legendary pokemon. When an old unown sattelite crashed with a meteor it got mysterious power. It getted a life and can send a laser ray to destroy planets. It is looking like a purple and neongreen sattelite with an red eye in the middle. It has only one friend, Deoxys. In thousand years it has floated around up there behind the stars, waiting for the chance of destroying the beautyful planet of pokemon. Xahlaha is also called the sattelite of mystery and is a sattelite pokemon. It has deoxys as friend because deoxys is a virus from a asteroid, a meteor from the space, the same crashing with Xahlaha. Xahlaha is an early pokemon i made only for fun. Now am i giving it for this wiki.-- 14:27, September 9, 2009 (UTC)Gabriel